About Kandams

Kandam 1 general report

It is a brief report that centers around the prediction to provide biographic journal data of the individual. It includes the person's name, parent, siblings, house, children, profession, etc. It summarizes the 12 places in a person's horoscope and brings predictions based on their planetary positions and the time of birth mentioned in their Nadi leaf.

Kandam 2

Education, wealth, family life, prosperity, and fortune All the aspects of a person, including prosperity, education, wealth, and family life, will be discussed. We also discussed in this chapter the power of eyesight and the capability to express verbally through their speech.

Kandam 3 siblings

In this, we predict the number of sisters and brothers the person will have. We also address the relationship aspect of the person in the future. It includes the negative and the positive impacts on the person's life as well.

Kandam 4

Possessions and mother influence.The influence and role of mothers in the person's life, including the advantages and the issues that person might face in the long run. We address the worldly luxury of the person, such as the vehicles, house, land, and assets owned.

Kandam five

Progenies. We provide information about their achievements in life, problems with children, and other things, including death. We provide many remedies, measures, and solutions to remove the problem quickly.

Kandam 6 debt Enemies and disease

The adversities that the person faces in life, including the financial condition, danger from their enemies, painful medical severe conditions, and many other things. We cover in this chapter the information and unfortunate happenings in the person's life. The duration, and reasons are all predicted effectively, and many other remedial measures are also provided to help through this.

Kandam 7 marital life

We have to uncover the mysteries surrounding the marriage life of the person and their experiences of bonding with the person. It includes a marriage period, when it will happen, and how long it will last. The compatibility between the couple and causes for delaying marriage conflicts with the spouse and many other details are covered in this chapter.

Kandam 8 lifespan

Here in this chapter, we will cover the life and death of the person as it is natural to every living human on this planet. But how it will happen brings curiosity, and we are lucky enough to know about it. The questions surrounding a person's lifespan,longevity and the dangers that could be imposed. It includes sudden deaths, and we provide answers to all these questions.

Kandam nine

Father inheritance and spirituality. In this chapter, we will cover and detail the father's relationship with the person, inheritance and the wealth, including the property from their father. All the negative and positive expectations will be discussed here. It also mentions the spiritual inclinations of the person, and the information about visiting temples, deeds of Charity, and positive work will also be revealed here.

Kandam 10

Professional and business life. This covers the business and professional life of the person and the job they can pursue, the business, or the professionalism they can establish. It also includes the profits and the predictions about the relation to their professional and career growth.

Kandam 11

Vehicular profit and second marriage. Here, the chapter discusses moving ahead and change in life. It covers all the positive and negative outcomes the person will face, including the vehicle profits. The embracing of a good life and remarriage activities can be understood in this chapter. It also will cover the effects of future life.

Kandam 12 expenses prospects of foreign visit rebirth and salvation

This chapter will discuss a person's expenditure and money expenses. It includes how and what they will spend their money on. And the opportunities of visiting many foreign countries and the future birth of the person, including recarnation process.

Kandam 13 Shanthi kandam

In this chapter, the sins of the person which we are committed in the past life and many remedy and measures are suggested to eradicate such ill effects which are intruding in their present life.

Kandam 14 Deekshai kandam.

This chapter focuses on spirituality, chanting of the mantras, and advice on wearing Raksha or talisman to eliminate the difficulties and the enemy and avoid the ill effects of the sins.

Kandam 15 aushadaha kandam

It discusses the emphasis on the medicines intake that could be used for a long time or many chronic diseases faced by the person. And the methods or treatments to deal with those conditions.

Kandam 16. Disabukhti kandam.

It discusses the planet's position and periods and sub-periods. How all these influences in the life of the person and the changes in the positions of the planet bring other changes with time and how they can affect their life.

Kandam 2 to 12 will provide you the future foretellings in the different aspects of the person's life till the end of the life from the date of perusal of kandam.

Some special kandams sivanadi thulliam & sivanadi sukshmam are also available. As many specialized and elaborated details are given to the person, the fees will be much higher. To achieve success in politics and many political connections, unique kandams are provided and available. Other than these kandams, there are some of the Other, including the gnanakandam. Prasana kandam and disabukthi santhi kandam.

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